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Lasik Laser - Removal of Glasses

Lasik Laser eye surgery also called laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses, or LASIK, can fix all three types of vision problems. Refractive errors can be fixed by changing the cornea's shape. This could help someone's eyesight if they do it.

Before eyeglasses were invented, people who had trouble with their refractive lenses either couldn't see or had poor vision. People have known for a long time that wearing eyeglasses has several downsides, such as obvious cosmetic flaws, narrowed fields of vision, aberrations, physical discomfort, and a negative effect on sports performance.

Lasik Laser - Removal of Glasses

Eye doctors and the people they treat want to know more about this. Why should we have to use fake eyes when we can give people their real eyesight and all the benefits that come with it? LASIK is the answer to everything we can ask or worry about.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis)

At the moment, LASIK is the best way to fix refractive errors. It is right, works well, and is safe. LASIK involves lifting a very thin layer (110 to 160 microns) of the cornea, which is the clear part of the eye. The cornea is then reshaped with an Argon Fluoride 193nm Wavelight Allegretto Excimer Laser controlled by a computer. This means that myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism can be fixed. The process is short and easy, and it is very accurate because a computer controls it.

Variety of LASIK Wave-Front Optimized or Custom LASIK Eye Surgery

Wave-front guided or customized LASIK seeks to address higher-order aberrations in the eye's optical system. Moreover, the created LASIK treatment maps preserve the normal (prolate) corneal profile, hence preventing the development of any aberrations. This results in enhanced contrast and night vision.

Intra LASIK (Femto Second LASIK)

Also known as I LASIK, bladeless LASIK, all LASER LASIK, and INTRALASE. It is a type of LASIK in which the corneal flap is raised using a femtosecond LASER microkeratome instead of a blade-based microkeratome. Thus, the sole variation is in the creation of the LASIK flap. The thickness of the flap may be more predictable in the IntraLase group, although thinner flaps using femtosecond LASER are safer.

Streamlight / Epithelial LASIK (EPI-LASIK) Or Laser subepithelial keratomileusis (LASEK)/Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

When treating patients with thin corneas, it may be beneficial to perform procedures such as Epi-LASIK, which involves raising only a thin epithelial flap, or LASEK, which involves removing epithelium using alcohol. Both of these procedures can be found in the LASIK family of procedures. This results in more tissue being left in the corneal bed, which enables a more dramatic refractive correction. As a consequence of this, the corneal bed is thinner. Both PRK and Mitomycin – C provide outcomes that are quite similar to one another. These treatments may correct a greater degree of refractive error than LASIK can. LASIK is a laser procedure used to correct refractive errors in the eye. Regarding corrective eye surgery, LASIK is considered the industry standard.

Lasik Laser Surgery in Ghaziabad

How LASIK Surgery Works

The Wavelight Allegretto LASIK device has an eye tracker built in, so it can quickly check on your eyes. This system keeps an eye on how the eye is positioned and adjusts the Laser every so often to the right spot on the eye. With LASIK, there is no need for an injection because eye drops are used to numb the eyes. The Lasik procedure has three different steps:

  1. After the anaesthetic, the patient's face, except for the eye, is covered with a cloth. The eyelids are then pulled back with an eyelid speculum, and the person is told to keep their eyes on a flashing green light.
  2. A ring made in a vacuum is placed around the cornea. This gives the microkeratome room to work, which also helps keep the eyeball stable. When the vacuum is turned on, there is a little haze in the vision, and the eye feels like there is pressure on it.
  3. The Wavelight Allegretto High-speed Excimer Laser, who works at a frequency of 500 hertz, is used to remove the stromal bed so it can be reshaped into the right shape. For corneal ablation, the Excimer laser is a great choice because each pulse can accurately remove up to 0.25 microns of tissue. Most of the time, only 50 microns of tissue must be removed to change the wanted.
    The Examiner makes a light beam that doesn't heat up, so there's no chance of thermal damage to the tissues around it. This Laser uses a laser beam with a truncated Gaussian profile and a 0.95 mm flying spot to eliminate refractive errors, higher-order aberrations, and rough transition zones. You'll also see a flickering light close to your eye. During all this, the patient needs to keep their mind on the blinking red spot of light.
  4. The corneal flap is returned and given a few minutes to dry. The flap can close itself without having to be stitched.
  5. People are given antibiotic eye drops and other eye drops. The patient is told to come back the following day.
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Lasik Laser Surgery Patient
Refractive Procedures done by Dr. Rajat Gupta at Manav Hospital:
  • Contoura vision laser for bladefree spectacle removal
  • Streamlight laser for bladefree spectacle removal
  • Jhonson and jhonson femto laser for bladefree i lasik surgery for pristine results
  • ICL lens Switzerland for spectacle removal
  • Clear Lens Extraction surgery for lens implantation for high number spectacle removal
  • Bioptics surgery for very high spectacle power removal
Dr. Rajat Gupta Explain Lasik Laser Surgery

Equipment at Manav Hospital

  1. Alcon Contoura Lasik Laser for specs removal
  2. Jhonson and Jhonson Femto Laser for Lasik Bladefree Surgery
  3. Moria Evolution 3 Microkeratome
  4. Moria sbk Microkeratome for thin Flap Surgery
  5. Pentacam Scanner
  6. Copolymer for Contoura Vision
  7. Oculyzer for Topoguided Treatment
  8. Wavenet Planning software and server workstation
  9. Corneal OCT
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